New Build Design and Self-Builders

Residential ArchitectureI dedicate myself to producing architectural designs that provide both aesthetic appeal and function for residents, commercial owners, self-builders and developers. Architecture is personal, an individuals perspective on the world surrounding them is unique, I respect this and aim to provide guidance without suppressing your inspiration.

The pre-application stage provides the opportunity to consider any and all design concepts, to create a home or extension that first and foremost serves the occupants. If you have great fortune and locate a suitable site for building a new home, the options available are limitless. Your lifestyle and circumstances can be incorporated into every design element, providing a home that exists for you and your functional requirements. When an individual or family moves into a new home, it is rarely a ‘perfect home’, as it would have fulfilled the needs of the previous occupants. Adding a well designed extension can add function through the creation of usable space, such as an enlarged kitchen / living room area. When a second storey is added, a fourth or fifth bedroom is created, which later on may be turned into a study or serve some other purpose.

Architecture does not stop at residential homes, but breaches the commercial and businesses as well, making an architectural statement can draw in customers, before they are even aware of the products or services you provide. Building function has equal or even greater importance, and I can provide not only practical design, but also efficient design.